i'm not a music blog i promise

i haven’t had much time to myself these past couple weeks. i started atla again, but i haven’t finished the first season yet. i have like 3-4 books i need to get through for myself, but no time to read them. blah. 

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that guy in ur msg?

haha, yup

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i watch videos by right wing gun nuts, just to keep tabs on what they’re up to

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why do people gas up ugly white boys with pseudo-spiritual, basic ass bullshit posts?

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enzo’s thinkpieces: “stop supporting hacks because they’re people of color”

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D E N A - Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools


BadBadNotGood - Putty Boy Strut Flying Lotus Live Cover



i’ve said it before, but will smith in fresh prince was 10-15 years ahead of his time as far as fashion.

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