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but it was a hella strong march. from the beginning the cops tried to push us to the sidewalk but we stayed in the streets. when they tried to push us one way, we’d march the other. we fucked up though and went through a narrow opening and the cops swarmed us and put a wall of horses between us. that’s when dude got picked up. i wasn’t 10 feet from him but i looked away and next thing i know he’s gone.

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and that’s what i mean about cops. even if you have your hands up the entire time and don’t touch them at all, they can slap you with assault. there’s no defense from cops.

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thanks. there were a few witnesses that saw him with his hands up the entire time, so hopefully that’ll help him out.
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my phone is blowing up right now. a friend i organize with got picked up by the cops at a rally tonight. he’s out, thankfully, but he got ticketed for assault. he doesn’t know if it’s a felony or a misdemeanor or if it’s plain assault or assault of an officer.

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:’) thank you for those words dk

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another white celebrity does a thing, another 7 low-hanging fruit thinkpieces come out

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for 5 days last month, dc residents were able to carry handguns both concealed and openly without a license

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fuck spin

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