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person: hmm, tokens, how should i feel about a thing
token identities: here is how you should feel about a thing
person: whose experience within these tokenized identities should i accept as most authentic and valid?
person: thanks, i made my decision on how to feel
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my haircut and outfit make me look like travis bickle

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this restaurant has played 5 different best coast songs while i’ve been here

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like u had people who really think of themselves as “radical poc” supporting bill de blasio. lol. and the stuff where the superficial colorlines/racialicious nonsense leaks into real life

hahaha. similar situation here. like, one dude was like, “i’d rather work with my people regardless of class because when the revolution comes, they’ll have to choose a side.” like bruh, the capitalist class of any race has historically chosen capital as their side and sold out their so-called people.

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im really interested in the pushback on this bc that stuff is so entrenched and useless

it really is. i was expecting the pushback so i was really happy it was there. i think for a few folks there who had been to the march, they realized that their experience didn’t match up with the shit that was being said against it, so they saw some of the limits of identity politics and race baiting. for a few others, i think it may have been the first time that they heard identity politics being criticized and were voicing in the moment their own struggles with it. even if it’s underdeveloped, it’s promising.

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what happened?

so basically, my friend hector (the one who got picked up by the cops) and i went to this event knowing that the march was going to get baited, and almost off the bat it did. basically, someone questioned whether white people were trivializing the struggle of police brutality by doing the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ chant and from there it was on. hector and i basically asked why folks wanted to throw others under the bus who were standing against the cops with us (and who showed up, unlike their shit-talking asses).

one dude kept saying racism is felt the same between poc regardless of class and we pushed against that. another person was like, race is the only thing and class doesn’t matter and we pushed against that. another was like, ‘working class people are backwards so we need to work with other classes’ which was the peak of the reactionary sentiment. 

there were about 10 or so people there and 5 of us had the main ideological attacks, so the ones in the middle vacillated between the positions. there was some quality pushback against the ‘poc’ identity by those in the middle and there was some push back against race-reductionism which was underdeveloped but a good start. and i think people really started to think about how experiences varied based on social and class relations.

i also think that a lot of the things we said were twisted by the 3 reactionary cats but we were able to clarify our positions which took away from their side.

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